Great Valley

by Veela



Flower child, she's not the one you're chasing
She's the one who's caught in outer space
Held down by tinsel thread and chain out of leather
To make her go the other way
Her mama cries, just a wound on a baby
Getting older every step she takes
Cause now, she knows it's just a world for her taking
And something's drawing her away

And if you start feeling weak, turn yourself around
Force the weather to follow
Find an empty street and kneel down
Let it take your sorrows

Tell me how much strength and honesty
You ought to be sending my way
Til I forgive you simply
And keep going away
Tell me how much strength and empathy
You ought to be sending my way
Til I forgive who you wanna be
And keep going away

In the valley she's a daughter who's taken
To never making a mistake
And vowed to save all of her risky behaviour
To pouring over on a page
She's got a little book - it's safe in her pocket
She writes a little every day
On how she really wants to cry, learn a lesson
And feel a little for a change


released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved



Mama Kat

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